allano said: Someone might have already asked this, but I was wondering what brushes and/or brush settings do you use in your art?

Heehee, I have gotten this question before, so I think I’ll just make a link on my front page to this answer! :) Anyway, for the past year or so, pretty much everything I’ve posted has used the Stumpy Pencil brush, and I just use the default settings. As for blending, I use the smudge tool with the same brush with these settings:

allano said: What tools do you use to draw? Your drawings all look really amazing and unique, and I was wondering how you make them look like that.

Hi there! And thank you! :D! In the most recent drawings, I’ve been using this Sumi brush. It’s surprisingly responsive — take it down a few notches under the 40 pt. default and you can get some nice fine lines. Or bump it up and use it for nice gritty black fills!

In my other drawings, I rely fairly exclusively on the famous Stumpy Pencil brush made by the same gentleman. I sometimes layer paper textures (usually on Overlay or Vivid Light at < 50% opacity) to give the colors a little more depth because my work is all digital.

Hope that helps!

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