iamthespacecadet said: Say five facts about yourself and then send this to ten of your favorite followers who you absolutely love. <3!

I don’t usually do these things, but what the hay.

1) I have very, very bad vision that isn’t even correctable to 20/20 anymore. My doctor actually laughed at me at my last checkup. But hey, on the upside, I have central heterochromia, which is pretty neat — my eyes are blue-gray with a ring of gold around the pupil.

2) I slept with a blanket until I was eleven or twelve and was terrified of sleeping away from home (alone) until I was in my teens. My poor parents had to pick me up from my friends’ houses at ungodly hours when I inevitably freaked out at sleepovers.

3) I’ve lived alone for most of my adult life. Even my freshman year of undergrad was spent in a one bedroom apartment. I’m a pretty hermitty creature.

4) I have one tattoo. It’s on my right wrist and says ‘ars longa vita brevis’. I got it because I like the literal translation (‘art is long, life is short’), and because in context, Hippocrates was saying ‘life is short, and it takes a really long time to get good at your craft’ (so I better get to work!). I think both are good things to remember.

5) My sister’s an actress. If you watch any TV, you might’ve seen her commercial for Nasacort. :D

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As always, y&#8217;all keep me going. &lt;3&#160;

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As always, y’all keep me going. <3 

A pretty good year! My favorite TV show acknowledged my existence and I was finally able to contribute at work in a meaningful way. I didn&#8217;t quite make my goal of getting my comic rolling this year, but I did draw a whole lot so I&#8217;m not too fussed. Of course, I wouldn&#8217;t be nearly as motivated to keep going without y&#8217;all&#8217;s support. I really can&#8217;t express how much it means to me. &lt;3
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A pretty good year! My favorite TV show acknowledged my existence and I was finally able to contribute at work in a meaningful way. I didn’t quite make my goal of getting my comic rolling this year, but I did draw a whole lot so I’m not too fussed. Of course, I wouldn’t be nearly as motivated to keep going without y’all’s support. I really can’t express how much it means to me. <3

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Me, I’m a fan of the classics.



(Hoursago started this, I’m just bandwagonning as usual.)

Theodinspire asked: Top five portrait paintings. (Super Specific Request, I know)

Oh hey, this is a neat one! Thanks for such an interesting question. :D It’ll be the last one for today, I don’t want to spam y’all.

1) Portrait of a Roman Couple (Artist Unknown; fresco from Pompeii) —When I was a kid, I was obsessed with two things: Pompeii and the Titanic. I used to check out the same three books about Rome over and over. So I grew up seeing this portrait quite often! Then in my art history classes I learned that this couple was probably educated, and were proud of it. I’m at an age now where I look at them and see two people who look like my peers, who are painted in a manner that is startlingly contemporary and largely lacking in idealization. I want to be friends with them.

2) Braids (Andrew Wyeth) — I’ve always been attracted to the glow of her skin against the black background; it reminds me of the severe beauty of Flemish portraiture (which I also adore). The textures in this are fantastic, too. I love carefully and precisely the details of her hair and sweater are rendered.

3) Self Portrait in a Straw Hat (Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun) — Look how fresh and pretty she is! I think I like this so much because I identify with how she has painted herself; she is most confident and comfortable in her identity as an artist, but she is also given to romantic embellishments (such a jaunty feather!) and even bits of dun-give-a-fuck (check out that natural cleavage, no corset there hon hon hon).

4) Madame X (John Singer Sargent) -- This one (and the story behind it) is pretty well-known, so there’s not much I can add. That line from her neck down to that twisted hand is one of the most elegant things in the Western canon to me.

5) An Old Man in Military Costume (Rembrant van Rijn) This fellow is like an old friend. I go to the Getty at least once a year, and I always make sure to visit him. I love his rheumy old eyes and consternated expression and ridiculous feather. You can really see Rembrandt’s mastery when you get up close to the shiny bits; the base color, shadow, reflected light and highlight are laid down with such economy and confidence.

sonicthehedgehunk said: top five movies?

This is a question I was half hoping for, half dreading, because I am a great big movie fan and HOW DO I CHOOSE?

Okay, I’ll try.

1) Adaptation — It’s hard to explain Adaptation to people who have never seen it. It’s a movie about making a movie that subtly becomes a movie at some point, and it has two Nick Cages. (One of whom is a fake twin of a real person.) It tops my list because it pulls off a really neat trick: it first makes you aware that you’re watching a movie, then goes and punches you in the nuts with real emotions. (Also, it has the most accurate summary of the creative process I’ve ever seen.)

2) O Brother, Where Art Thou? — If I was selecting strictly on the basis of quotability, this would be number one by a landslide. I don’t know how many times my sister and I have crooned “he’s a suitor!” to each other or sputtered “that don’t make no sense!”. There’s just so much to love in O Brother — the Odyssey story, the character actors (who are clearly having a ball), the beautiful cinematography, and of course, dat music.

3) L.A. Confidential — … And suddenly, I feel old, because L.A. Confidential was made in 1997 and that was fifteen years ago. Jesus. This has been one of my favorites for almost that long — I probably saw it for the first time when I was seventeen or eighteen. It’s still a hugely fun movie to watch, what with all its twists and turns and hardboiled dialogue. Also fun: baby Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce!

4) The Shawshank Redemption — I know this is a comfort food movie for a lot of people, and I’m no different. (I once watched it over and over again for close to a week during a particularly bad time.) It’s that rare movie that loses none of its emotional power no matter how many times I watch it, and I never find myself wanting to fastforward through a scene.

5) … THIS IS TOO HARD AND I GIVE UP. So I’m just gonna enumerate a bunch of movies I adore here: Gladiator (if you ever need anyone to give the “if you find yourselves riding in green fields” speech at a moment’s notice, I’m your girl), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (hypnotic), The Dark Knight (shocking I know), The English Patient (“we die rich with lovers and tribes” sob sob), The Social Network (… and Zodiac and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, FINCHER ILU), Master and Commander (HOLD FAST), and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (replay value: through the roof since I still couldn’t give a coherent summary of the plot haha despite having seen it dozens of times).

ashleythedragon said: TOP FAVORITE SNACKS! Let's get our munchies on.

Aw man you’re making me hungry!

1) Tim’s Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips — I love kettle chips and I love salt so these are kind of my jam. (The vinegar is super tangy, too.)

2) Trader Joe’s Molasses Chews — I tend to look at cookies as a chocolate delivery system, but these are simple sugar and spice and they are DELICIOUS.


4) Edamame — Probably the only healthy thing I eat.

5) Publix chocolate chip cookies — I moved from Florida over six years ago, and I still yearn for these.

eumonigy said: top five tv shows?

Last one for tonight! It’s a juicy one. :D

1) Deadwood — People always talk about the profane beauty of the language in Deadwood, about “cocksucker” and Ian McShane’s incredible performance and how it’s all a great big metaphor about civilization, and they’re right, of course. But the one thing a lot of people fail to mention is just how funny it is. That’s a shame, because it’s one of the most hilarious shows I’ve ever seen. 

(It’s also one of the saddest.)

2) The X-Files — The X-Files was hugely formative for me — it taught me everything I know about about telling stories. The crazy thing is that it actually holds up all these years later! Jose Chung’s From Outter Space is still hysterical. Beyond the Sea still gives me the willies. Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose is still my favorite episode of anything, ever. And I’m still so grateful to have had a role model like Scully — a woman of reason! and shoulderpads! — when I was at a impressionable age.

3) Boardwalk Empire — Do we even need to talk about Boardwalk? I think y’all are probably sick of hearing about Boardwalk. MOVING ON.

4) Dead Like Me — … I’m uncomfortable with how much I’m like George Lass. I’d much rather be a Rube or Roxy (or even a Mason), and I think that fact speaks to the biggest strength of the show: every single character is compelling (and most of them are likable, too). I would just as happily watch an episode about Kiffany (Kiffani?) as I would any of the main cast.

5) 30 Rock — It’s hard to pick the fifth because there are a bunch of shows I love hard but will readily admit are flawed. (See: Rome, Highlander [loool], Carnivale, etc.) So I’m giving that spot to 30 Rock, because even though this season is thoroughly blurg, it’s been consistently entertaining in years past. (Also, because I can’t think of this bit without bursting into giggles.)

whitachi said: top five butts (for touching)

I admit, I am only lately a butt connoisseur, a butt-bandwagon jumper. There are probably more obscure butts I should cite to earn my butt cred. Alas.

1) Jeremy Renner — this should shock exactly no one given that mr. renner’s tag on my blog is #dat ass

2) Siddig el Fadil — I spent way too many episodes of DS9 distracted by that stupid sexy uniform.

3) Scarlett Johansson — Such perfection!

4) Katey Sagal — Katey Sagal has become my older-lady butt role model. I don’t know how many times I’ve yelled “DAMN, GIRL” at Sons of Anarchy.

5) Norman Reedus — where is darylholdingdoorclosed.gif when i need it

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